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Originally Posted by sorrowsingssoftly View Post
Let's see, how can I explain this... He assures me that He is the one true God through His actions in my life. He hasn't literally spoken to anyone for about 2,000 years, as far as I know.
As far as why the world isn't perfect, He is, We're not. We aren't like Him, we tend to sin and revolt against Him, just like you people are doing now, and thus, the world isn't as good as it could be. And also, if you called God a lazy bastard within earshot of me, I would've killed you or died trying. Just because you don't believe something doesn't mean you have to be a blasphemer when they state their beliefs.
So... a person claiming to hear voices in their heads ALSO says that they'll KILL ME for the "thought crime" of speaking out against their sick sadistic cult. Good job defending religion there, all you've done is assured us of how poisonous it is to your mind. I WILL speak out against religion no matter how much people like you threaten me (yes, I take this threat personally) and will not stop because this exact sort of mindset must be destroyed if the world is EVER going to be a peaceful place. We've killed each other over our "imaginary friends" for no reason, and for thousands of years. Its time to put an end to it.
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