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Originally Posted by CookieMonster View Post
I'm going to jump in and answer this question with my own experiences. You don't have to see something to hear it. People talk to you over a phone, but you can't see them. When your inside and you hear the wind blow, but you can't see that. You know both of those things are there though, right?

God talks to us through our thoughts and actions of things around us, and many people he speaks to them directly. I've had several times where I am caught up on a very important decision and I don't know what to do. I'm leaning one way, but am not sure about it. I talk to God about it, most people call it praying, and I ask him what I should do. I don't hear words come from him, it's not like someone standing in front of you talking; I feel what he is saying. I'll feel what his answer is, I could have been leaning one way in the decision when suddenly I KNOW I need to choose the other option and doing anything else is just unthinkable.

It's different for everyone, and all depends on how close you are to God. People I know have said God speaks to them in words, and when you hear God speak you know it's him. He's not mistakable for your own thoughts.

And, prayer is not to beg for things from God, as many people seem to think. It's about talking to him and carrying on a conversation. Telling him about your day, how you feel about things and problems you have. He already knows it all, but by talking to him, relying on him he will help you through it. He won't necessarily make it go away, but he will help you see it through to the other side. He'll never give you more than you can handle without his help.
Very true, you don't need to see something in order to hear it. However, the point was, if you cannot see him in any way, then it doesn't seem to unlikely that you cannot hear him. The difference with talking to a friend over a telephone is that I have some idea of how he/she looks. For a stranger, I may not know exact details, however, I could put a rough image together. For god, you cannot.

But, you then say you don't hear him either. You somehow "feel" his working, so since you cannot hear him, then you cannot reasonably refute the fact that you don't need to see him in order to hear him.

Also, "feeling" his working negates free will and free thought.

The reason why I call it begging, and why you somewhat supported it, is that you go on your hands and knees, look up towards the sky and you ask for something. In your attempt to refute me, you admit that you rely on him for help. Sadly, that's a poor argument on your part.

But now, I pose a question to you: how do you know that these feelings that you get when not deciding something simply isn't your subconscious or morals and ethics coming into play? How do you know that it definately is not any of those things but is in fact your god? To me, it seems to be substituting the name of "god" for "subconscious", "morals" and "ethics". After all, you admitted you don't see nor hear it so it cannot be another being talking to you, so, how do you know it's your god? Is it simply your religious beliefs coming into play that make you biased into saying it's your god, or do you have some stronger evidence and reasoning, other than the apparent god identifying himself as god? If it's not you being biased, then tell me how it isn't a biased rationale.

Originally Posted by sorrowsingssoftly
if you called God a lazy bastard within earshot of me, I would've killed you or died trying. Just because you don't believe something doesn't mean you have to be a blasphemer when they state their beliefs.
So you can threaten to kill him and deny him his freedom of speech, however, you can believe whatever you want and say whatever you want? I'd also suggest reading up on the 10 Commandments, one of them seems to go along the lines of "thou shall not kill" or "thou shall not murder".

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