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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

An alien couple and a human couple - partner swapping. The human wife and the alien husband went off together and ended up at a hotel. The alien guy drops his pants, and he is really ready...all 2 inches of him. "I don't think that this will work out, you're was just too small." says the woman. "Well," the alien says, "Watch this." He proceeds to smack himself in the forehead and his member grows to 12 inches. "That's fine," she tells him, "but it's still only a half an inch thick." So the alien starts tugging on his ears and with each tug his member grows wider and wider until the woman just can't stand it any more and they have a fun-filled night of sex. Afterwards she said to her husband "I had the best sex I've ever had. It was amazing." "What about you?" "It was weird", her husband answered. "All night long she kept hitting me on the head and tugging on my ears!"

when i first heard it i didn't get it but after i did
oh and admins if this ain't ok on here i can take it down if y'all want(i don't really know if it's ok or not)

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