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There having a debate tonight in Vancouver in french with english translators
and then tommorow there gonna square off in another debate in english with french translators


Yea I REALLY want our military to be updated cause we can't help ourselves even anymore like when Quebec had the most severe ice storm Canada's ever seen or when Manitoba had a HUGE flood we relied on the US air force's fleet so that we could transport our emeregncy supplies

Power cable

People were without power, heat, water, etc... for a very long time
That storm really scared me and our forces could barley do a god dam thing
Same with the flood in Manitoba

Not to mention he wants to pass laws fixing the election date every four years instead of whenever the PM wants within a 5yr limit

he wants to bring in the federal accountability act

Mandatory prison sentences for serious drug trafficking, weapons, and violent offences, and ending house arrests for violent, sexual, and other serious offences.

Ending the wasteful long-gun registry and using the savings to hire more front-line police officers.

Protecting women and children from sex offenders through a mandatory DNA data bank, raising the age of sexual consent from 14 to 16 years old, and ending all defence loopholes for child pornography.

Strengthening border port and airport security, consolidating security services under a new National Security Commissioner, and quickly deporting non-citizen criminals.

Choice in child care. We will give all parents $100 per month per child under age 6 to spend on child care needs as they choose – whether that means formal day care, a babysitter, neighbourhood child care, or helping one parent stay at home.

Patients: We will cut medical wait times by establishing a Wait Times Guarantee by the end of 2006 – setting wait time reduction targets to ensure that all Canadians are treated within medically acceptable time limits.

Our seniors: We will protect their hard-won gains by increasing the pension income-tax deduction to $2500, and ensuring better service for seniors.

and allot of other stuff
I realise he's probably lying or flat out wont be able to do some of it
but the liberals have been in office for 12years and there doing horrible
and the NDP destroyed BC's economy the conservatives saved it
The bloc is a bunch of lil french nazis
and the green party is so small that its a waste of a vote and the last thing canada needs is another minority goverment

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