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Originally Posted by freedompie View Post
Im 13 and I masturbate around 1 everyday or 2days. I was wondering is this to much and also when i ejeculate it's a little bit clear with some white in it. Is this semen or not??

As a rule of thumb when it comes to masturbating, as long as masturbating does not take up all of your free time, your penis and/or body is being hurt, and your normal routines are being negatively affected by doing so, then you are not doing it too much. Especially if you are totally new to masturbating you are going to do it a lot as the sensations are probably really cool and you have a high level of hormones in you. Once you get older and start to move past puberty, then you will not masturbate as much. My view is that your current masturbation habits are not bad, and you are fine.

As what you are ejaculating, you are producing semen. You are probably still new to sperm production which is why your semen is not totally white. It takes about 6-8 months from a guy's first ejaculation for sperm production to catch up, and my guess is that if you are seeing white your body is maturing. You are normal, and you are just like the rest of us.
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