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Default Mommy please...

Watch me here as I fall,
Twisting, screaming crying and bleeding
mommy please I beg of thee, hear me
Take me away, don't leave me
I’m tired of this life
I’m Sick of this pain
I’m scared and alone
I’m lost in the rain
I know I’m supposed to be strong
I’m supposed to be brave
I have to be here for those lost and betrayed
But it’s to much
My souls to weak
I can’t bare the cross that burdens me
So mommy please help me
Take me away from this hell I’m in
and stop the pain I’m living in
I’m not like you, I’m not strong
I’m not brave, I’m not the one
I can’t bare this tormenting storm
It's to strong, I couldn't do it alone
So please mommy I beg of thee
Make it end
Finnish me


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