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Originally Posted by HardcoreIcon View Post
I masturbated for the first time yesterday and it felt all right i tried it again today something came out but it dident feel good or look like cum what happened?
My guess is that what came out of you was probably pre-cum which is the stuff that comes out when one is aroused. You probably had a very small ejaculation or just was pushing out pre-cum. When I first started masturbating things were dry for a while, but about a month or two before my first ejaculation I was getting some fluid coming out which clearly was not urine or semen and which, in retrospect, was pre-cum. Pre-cum lubricates your urethra prior to an ejaculation as the residual urine in your urethra can damage the semen. My guess is that you might have your first ejaculation sooner rather than later.

Also, when I first started out masturbating I noticed that it would feel raw or not good on some days. My thinking looking back is my penis' shaft was probably very dry, and using some sort of lubricant like cream or lotion can go a long way to alleviating the discomfort. Also, I would suggest you visit which offers an exhaustive list of advice for folks like you. Believe me, if jackinworld is not helpful for you regarding masturbating, then your question truly must be complicated!

Originally Posted by HardcoreIcon View Post
i masterbated once and it felt all right that was yesterday when i tried toda it dident feel good and cum dident come out something else did can you explain what happened please?
My guess is that you are just not mature enough physically yet to produce semen. It took me a good year and a half from the time I first started masturbating to actually have an ejaculation. Basically, you are just like most guys out there.

Originally Posted by olim nai View Post
Few questions how do i get a friend to mastrubate with me and is it fun to? ALSO HOW OLD WERE YOU FOR UR FIRST CUM? I WAS 12
We are not allowed to discuss how to get folks to masturbate with others. The reality is that if we started doing that, then this place will become a total magnet for pedos and other strange people.

With regards to the "fun" of masturbating with others, that really depends upon the friend and the kind of relationship you have with him/her. You can take it or leave it, but experimenting and/or doing sexual things with friends rarely ever turn out well, and in most cases the friends end up not being friends anymore. Basically, you have to choose which is most important: your hormones or your friendship.
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