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Default Please help.

Please help me. I cut myself all the time and im always wearing long sleeve shirts even in the hot weather. I'm always on this site trying to help others in need and that gives me temporary happiness but as soon as I sign off the sadness comes right back. My life at school makes me feel like I'd do the world a favor by killing myself. My parents found out and now im constantly being watched. I can't write stories, I can't write poems, and i can't do anything but basically go to school. All I can do now is sit in my room and cut myself my parents tried to find all my razor blades but i have them hidden everywhere. Each day i cut deeper and deeper into my arms and i need help. but now i feel like I've wasted the time of all you free people.....

Should I just end it all now?

Gott weiß ich will kein Engel sein.
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