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Default Bumps and zits

On my crotch (above my penis) there are basically red dots there. I have gotten curious and bored, and shaved my pubes, so could the red dots just be razorburn that isn't going away? I know it's not some sort of STD, because I've never had sex, and if I had the possibility of getting something genetically, my parents would have probably told me by now. I'm not too concerned about that, though, I just want to know if razorburn could be the answer.

Also, how common is getting zits on/around your pubic area? I've gotten quite a lot, and I'm just wondering how common it is. It could be because I don't wash myself thouroughly down there, but I'm not really sure.

And lastly, I have this bump on the right side of my penis, which wasn't red or anything. I guess you could say it looked kinda like it was something under the skin, and if I pinched it (lightly, of course), it would feel kinda solid. I had had a zit there, and then shaved over it, basically cutting it. But now, it's a lot smaller and looks kinda like a bugbite, and I'm leaning towards thinking it was just a cut that didn't heal, but Should I talk to my doctor about this, or do you think it's just a small wound that is taking a while to heal?

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