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Originally Posted by r0x0row3nd
dont yell at me about the worst thing shit that wasnt me and i alrdy tried to tell u i dont feel like arguing 2 much today i said wat i thought was a reasonable answer or did u not get my point ?? u wanna bitch to som1 talk to who wrote it god damit! im not in the mose 4 ur bull shit read it again that last part did i say i wrote that???? so go piss off i have enough shit in my life now i dont need ur femenist bullshit ok ? u all said wat u thought was good i cant do the same??? im g2g but i guess ill be back to listen to more bullshit from people who have fun out of making me angry and any1 else who wants to question wat i said stfu kiss my ass
Jeez...calm down dude
Whats with the insults?
I made a simple point to you saying that I agree with you that your gf shouldnt have done what she did and, that this whole thread is about the orginal poster assaulting his gf, not about girls hitting guys/guys hitting girls in general...

And im sorry if you felt i was unfair with my comment about what Sid did not being the worst assault.
If you didnt write it, fair enough, I apologise to you if you felt my comment was directed at you, it was directed at the writer.

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