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Originally Posted by RowanVer.3.0
I'm just saying, it doesn't seem like he tried to or wanted to hit her.
Did you even read his post? I mean...if he didnt want to hit her he has a funny way of showing it
"Then I pushed into the wall and through her the ground, she started to cry, I shoved her up and said were going(Yelling), THen I dragged Her To Her House..."

That isnt the kind of thing that happens unless you want it to and you make it... and that isnt even at the part where he hit her

Originally Posted by redcar

Originally Posted by RowanVer.3.0
Shouldn't we tell him that he shouldn't ever do it again rather than calling him down because he did it?
no we shouldnt because that should be a given, wat i am doing is getting across how socially unacceptable this is and will not be tolerated.
Rowan, even addmitted yourself that you were surprised how little remorse he seems to be showing:
I was kind of disturbed to how Sid-Vicious seemed to have little remorse for hitting her. by letting him know that there is no excuse (not even being drunk or because she cheated) for what he did, we are helping him.

Originally Posted by RowanVer.3.0
You're a teenager, you have raging horomones, you're drunk, you don't know what the fucks going on. You're angry. You shouldn't do it. And if I saw someone do it when they were drunk I'd kick their arse. But still. You can kind of relate to how they did it accidently.
I agree, sometimes it can happen accidentaly but...
If he didnt know what he was doing and he was really that drunk, how on earth would he rememeber everything??
I have been in that state and there is no way that I would have been able to do what he did and still remember i had done it all. Alcohol affects your memory, your coordination, your vision...need i go on? He explained everything in order as it happened, which he would not have been able to do if he had been so drunk he didnt know what he was doing.

Originally Posted by r0x0row3nd
would u even care is it was the girl hitting him?
r0x0row3nd, I already said to you I dont agree with what your gf did to you. Any kind of violence like that is wrong. But this is about the fact that the original poster assaulted his gf....he has never mentioned that she hit him. (and even if he had, then that still wouldnt take anything away from the fact that what he did is inexcusable! )

Originally Posted by r0x0row3nd
Its not good but its not as bad as ive seen some teenagers do i mean ive seen people holding guns at thier gfs and they were like 16 so he didnt commit the worst asault"
Oh ill just go and shoot a guy then turn around to you all and say, well i know what i did wasnt good but, i could have bombed the shopping centre and killed a whole heap of people, so what i did isnt the worst!

I dont know what else to say except repeat what ive already said. Some people seem set on the fact that Sid has an excuse because he was drunk or because his gf cheated...but as others have already stated: there is no excuse!

I dont know how else to help you Sid except tell you to maybe think about whether or not you have anger problems that you could get help with. Frankly, I think it is your gf that is in more need of help.
I hope she has sense to stay away from you until you have managed to think things through and maybe get help or...I dont know.
I hope things work out for you Sid, and I hope you dont put anyone else through what you put your gf through...

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