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Originally Posted by sorrowsingssoftly View Post
There's hundreds of miracles everywhere. All you have to do is not overlook them and/or take them for granted. For example, let's take the universe. It goes on forever and ever, which is more than a human can easily comprehend. There's an eterernity of stars and other worlds out there. Don't you think that that's a miracle? Also, Camazotz, the only logical explanation if the world cannot and did not create itself, it that someone or something(s) else did. I believe that there is one true God, and that He is Christ. That's what I believe because I say the Bible is true, every word of it, and He has given me evidence, such as the above example of the universe.
The "evidence" in the bible commits circular reasoning and the bare assertion fallacy. Hardly something that a book deemed to be so great should commit.

The universe can be evidence of the existence of a god(s) or goddess(es), however, it cannot determine which one(s) did it. You claim that your god did it. Why? Because he said he did, and he says he's all-good, so he probably wouldn't lie to you.

To show you why I think that this is so ridiculous, I'll apply the exact same logic:

Gthuilppa, the only true god created the universe because he says he did.
Gthuilppa is an all-powerful, omnipresent, all-knowing, all-good divine being who was never created by something but rather he just happened, he just existed and with a wave of his magic wand and pull of the right ear, he made the universe. He then spat on a fly, clapped his hands and after some wand waving, humans were made. He then wanted humans to obey 15 rules, so he made those rules and humans wrote testimonies saying that they saw him, they felt his power. If you do what he says, then you go to a land of hot sex but if you don't, then you get frozen into an ice cube while magical ice maggots eat you from the inside out.

Now, all of that up there is the EXACT SAME logic as what you claim to believe.

Do I think that the universe is a miracle? No. As of right now, we cannot explain how it formed, however, as science progresses, I'm sure we will unravel the mysteries.

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