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Originally Posted by redcar
Originally Posted by *}Whisper{*
Its about our air force
how it sucks
u think your airforce sucks, look at ours, we have like 10 planes, then you will see how lucky you are!!
Yea but Ireland has 4million people
Canada has over 30

add that to the fact that Canada is ALLOT bigger then Ireland (Ireland = 70,280 sq km, Canada = 9,984,670 sq km)
so we have ALLOT of territory to defend
and allot of that were gonna need ice breaking destroyers, modern subs and a big air force
I realise thats not gonna happen over night but for the first time in 12yrs
it might actually start
espically since america, russia and denmark are challenging our territory and saying it either belongs to them or they want it to be international because we cant defend it
thats unnacceptable
and if Harper wins he wants to aproch Bush about the Missile Defence Program
which will defend all of north america
and greatly improve our relations with america

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