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Default The new leaders

This is a poem my freind made for our blog. Alothoug i made up the titale.

The leaders of this generation may say,
These silly kids do nothing but play.
But soon these leaders will be no more,
and we will make peace, but prepare for war.
Our generation may have no power now,
but when we rise up to the challenge, you will say, wow.
Do not worry, the kings of today.
Our work and our actions will blow you away.

We will be the music makers,
We will be the dreamers of dreams.
We will will be the earth's greatest shapers,
We will put in new foundations, tear down old beams.

We are the architects, pilots, and gardeners.
We are even the future old-time clay-hardeners.

We will uphold the principles of old.
We will forge new relationships, and see if they hold.

We will still be foolish, make balls of rubber bands,
but we will hold society in our hands.

Read this blog, a portal into our minds.
These thoughts will come into the world sometime.

We are the people who will change the world.
Anything is Possible.


Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons."
- Popular Mechanics, 1949

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