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Originally Posted by lesher View Post
Tell me then, have you ever seen God with your very own eyes?

1st, everything you heard just a testimonial from people, right? Even though ppl says, "It's true! I seen it with my own eyes!!", heve you ever saw it with yor own eyes? I doubt it.

2nd, how many prayers that you raised in front of Him, and how many does that prayers become true?
Even though our will isn't His will, but doesn't mean that He can ignore almost everything that we ask to Him... Or... Is there some disturbing secret about this?

I'm sorry, I think I overposted my opinion, but that's because I really curious about what you're gonna answer those 2 questions... And because I'm having bitter experience about God things (a.k.a. religion)
From what I believe, you can't say I want to see god and you do, I believe that nobody (normal people) seen god, or spoke with him only in prayers (normal people).
God will not show him self whenever "you" want, and you have to know that god is not human.

For the second question, you can't always when you want something you get it. God made us, and made all the rules (ie gravity) So you can't just pray that you want to fly, and there you are, flying!

You can't see god but you see his creation every day, every where.

Thats just what I believe in...
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