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Default Under the Rug - A short story

Just to let you know, this has come from a picture, not just any picture...

A while back a man got 13 photos as soon as he saw them he wanted to read the stories. The man tht gave the pictures to him said he would be back the next day to give him the stories...

The man never showed up.

Later they found another picture. this story is called "Under th Rug" because that is what the title of the picture was.


They day started out nice and sunny, a fairly normal for Texas. Ernest got up ate his breakfast put on an over coat and got ready. Today he was going to meet someone that was going to get him a lot of money. He drove to a restaurant and met with Joe. Joe was a desperate man and needed to get rid of his boss.
“20,000 now the other half after” Said Joe.
“Deal, Where did you say he would be again?” Ernest replied
“He stops to take a walk at 10:00 am every day”
“Got it, I will meet you here tomorrow at 9:30”

Ernest set off, it was already 9:15 and it would take him almost 45 minutes to get to where it would take place. When he got there Ernest sat down on a bench and loaded his gun. Soon enough the man came to his path. Ernest simply followed the man until he was sure they were alone. Ernest walked up along side the man and tripped him. By the time the man looked back up there was a barrel of a gun in his face. “Go ahead, kill me, police will find you, go ahead” said the man. “They would never know” Ernest thought “The police would never know, I am sure the wouldn't, never.” At that moment he pulled the trigger. A few shots later he picked up the body and threw it under a pile of logs.
The next day he met with Joe. Ernest took the money and walked out. “That went very well” he said in a low voice to himself but it had a nervous tone. All he could think about was what the man said “Go ahead kill me, police will find you, go ahead”. It seemed he could not get rid of his trembling voice. When he got home he just went to bed, having a bad headache was killing. “ugh, that all I need, more killing” he thought “at least I'm 40,000 dollars richer.” With that he fell asleep. Suddenly he awoke and across from his bed was the man. “Go ahead, kill me, police will find you, go ahead.” Then it went away. Ernest immediately ran to the bathroom and splashed water on his face. That is when he saw it. A simple lump under his rug. With a shaking hand Ernest grabbed vase from his bathroom. Slowly walking toward it, he bent down near it, When he reeled his arm back to throw the vase the lump disappeared.
“This can't be real, I'm just freaking out, thats all.” He went and looked at the clock, 10:00 am. At that he went to the window and looked out. It seemed like everyone was out in their yards doing something. “Jeez, I must be going crazy!” Ernest went and got some coffee. “I have got to talk to someone about this” he said.
The next day he talked to his friend James. James was a tall smart man and thought he knew Ernest well, until now
“James there is something I need to tell you” Ernest said
“Sure, anything” James replied
“I killed a man, and I don't know what is happening”
“Good lord, are you kidding??”
“no, not really”
“I don't know what to say, I think you need to see someone”
“I-I can't, oh well, maybe it is my imagination, just don't say anything”
“Uh, sure I guess”

“Now this is getting weird” Ernest thought as James pulled out of the drive way. I am going to have to get more sleep. A couple days later he woke up to see the man he killed again. “go ahead, kill me, police will find you, go ahead.” then it disappeared. Once again Ernest went to his bathroom and held on to the vase, just in case. Splashing some cold water on himself he turned around. “Nothing there.” he thought “There is nothing there, I don't need to worry.” At that he walked back to his room to get dressed. Oddly the light was turned off “hmm, I could of sworn I left it on. Yeah must have been a bad wire, yeah thats it” he said trying to laugh off his scared voice.
He walked into the living room and just sat down to think. “I am way to stressed, maybe I will have a drink” with that said Ernest got up and filled up a wine glass with some vodka and water. Ernest just sat down and drank. “I will be fine, no need to worry” he thought as he sipped the strong wine. Well everything was ok. Everything was ok for a couple of weeks. Two weeks and it happened again...
Ernest was watching TV when he saw the lump, larger this time. Ernst cautiously got up and pulled out a shotgun he had bought earlier. “Time to die you thing under the rug!!” with that he shot 2 times at the object that disappeared, all he saw where bullet holes. He pulled a few rounds of ammo out of the box and shoved them in his pocket. Looking around franticly he started sweating. There it was! He shot at it and again it disappeared. “DIE WILL YOU!” He shouted. The lump did this 5 or 6 times. Finally police arrived only to find a dead body. No one knows how Ernest really got shot. Some think that it was the gun that miss fired. Others think the bullets bounced off the the walls and floor and hit him. Yet James the old friend is pretty Sure that he had killed himself. Whatever it was it might always be a mystery about how Ernest, that strange man... died.


Ok, yeah maybe that wasn't SO short but I hoped you liked it!



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