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Originally Posted by redcar
Originally Posted by RowanVer.3.0
You act as if you're some kind of saint.
i am certainly no saint once again its called having morals.

Originally Posted by RowanVer.3.0
Again, chances are your gf didn't cheat on you to your face while you were drunk.
do not use the fact that she cheated on him as an excuse, you are not understanding there is no excuse, never will be and alcohol is never an excuse you can use.
You're right, even saints sometimes break their morals by accident. I didn't say it was ok that he hit her! There is no excuse! But please, please, oh lord, tell me what good bitching at him now that he's already done it going to do!?! NOTHING... That's what. Nothing.

You call me ignorant, say I don't get your point. Well, you know what, I do. I agree with it. You don't hit girls! Tell me something I don't know! But, 500 people bitching at him for doing it isn't going to help him one bit.... That girl shouldn't forgive him, if she does, then she's either stupid or has faith. Shouldn't we tell him that he shouldn't ever do it again rather than calling him down because he did it? I guess not apparently.. you guys would all rather feed your egos proving that you're a true gentlemen instead of telling him why you don't hit girls.

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