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Originally Posted by sorrowsingssoftly View Post
There's hundreds of miracles everywhere. All you have to do is not overlook them and/or take them for granted. For example, let's take the universe. It goes on forever and ever, which is more than a human can easily comprehend. There's an eterernity of stars and other worlds out there. Don't you think that that's a miracle? Also, Camazotz, the only logical explanation if the world cannot and did not create itself, it that someone or something(s) else did. I believe that there is one true God, and that He is Christ. That's what I believe because I say the Bible is true, every word of it, and He has given me evidence, such as the above example of the universe.
Yes, indeed, this absolutely perfect Universe, in which we can observe countless failed solar systems, super novas, desolate wasteland worlds and meteor collisions. And don't tell me Earth is perfect- Not every place even on our own little world is hospitable, take the scortching deserts, ice-peaked mountains and hundreds of instable volcanic areas.

You say the only logical solution is that something created the Universe, but what created that something? You can't justify your theory without proposing a variable (God) that requires no creator in itself, when one could just as easily say the Universe needs no creator. You see the logical fallacy there?

Also, just because you attribute a miracle to a God does not mean that said God is responsible. Countless things we have today would've been considered miracles by ancient people- There are simply some things we do not yet understand, and there is no need to say 'God did it' because that gets us nowhere.
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