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Originally Posted by bobtom View Post
Catholics have popes. I don't think any other denomination has them....

We follow orders from noone, unless it is directly told to us by God or the bible..

(sounds like a cult doesn't it)
The Church of England (a branch of Protestants I believe) is headed by the King or Queen (atm it's Queen Elizabeth II) of the UK from back in the days of Henry VIII who defected from Catholicism and made himself head of the Church because the Pope wouldn't grant him a divorce from his wife who wouldn't give him a son.

If I'm not mistaken, Mormon's have some sort of divine belief in their founder, Joseph Smith, from the USA who founded his religion and believed in polygamy and believed that Mormons should run the USA, so he and some other guy ran for President.

So some parts of Christianity besides Catholicism do infact have a leader, if you're trying to say they don't.

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