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You know what man. Screw you mr.righteous.... Christ, this is what I get. I try to clear things up because everyones frowning upon me because I announce the well known fact that when you're drunk sometimes and usually, you can't control yourself. Especially if you're young, stupid and the like.

But whatever, I'm digging myself out of a hole. Awesome. See if I care what you think of me. I tried it the nice way, so don't say I tried to start shit with you. You just put on your sheriff hat when I lay my hand to shake. So this is what you get.

It's as if I was on the bad team then try and weasel myself into a good guy when I didn't even side with him in the first place.

All my friends are skeletons,
dulcimers and chariots
prayers to God, oh prayers to God

Was I sleeping all this time?
Was my shadow ever mine?
Wintersleep-Danse Macabre
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