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I'd like to state where I stand, because I feel I'm being made out to be a villain here. I'd never hit a girl. I never have, never plan on. However, when you're drunk, sometimes you can't control yourself.

I know, it's no excuse, or not a good one. And it's possible not to hit when you're drunk. But come one. You're a teenager, you have raging horomones, you're drunk, you don't know what the fucks going on. You're angry. You shouldn't do it. And if I saw someone do it when they were drunk I'd kick their arse. But still. You can kind of relate to how they did it accidently.

Like, if I ever did when I was drunk, I'd probably cry over it the next day. It'd be a burden I'd carry to my grave. But, it's understandable that maybe they couldn't control themselves. I was kind of disturbed to how Sid-Vicious seemed to have little remorse for hitting her. But yeah, I was just trying to relate to Sid.

Anyways, just clearing things up.

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