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Originally Posted by r0x0row3nd
wait up man i didnt leave a mark she gave me a fucking million bruises i was BLEEDING broke my leg and i didnt leave a mark on her friend did it but hes easy to get to do somthin u want him to do but its her fault i broke my leg i had soccer champion and im the only 1 who can play goalie decently(we voted so dont argue about it) and we lossed so shut up i still have a bad arm and a lot of bruises and again i didnt leave a mark on her ok is that good enough or do u wanna talk to her urself cause she lives 2 houses away???
It doesnt matter, you shouldnt have done what you did.
I dont agree with what she did either, but just because she did that, doesnt make what you did any less wrong...and it certainly doesnt justify it.

Originally Posted by redcar
to be frank u should stop coming up with excuses because there simply are none.

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