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I dont agree with the fact that she made out with someone else or ...whatever she did, but... what you did is called assault.
I mean ...

Then I pushed into the wall and through her the ground, she started to cry, I shoved her up and said were going(Yelling), THen I dragged Her To Her House...
Why did you do that??
I know I dont know you but, you seem to talk about this like it is no big deal to do something like that. If I were her, I wouldnt go near you again...ever!
Sorry I just really dont agree with what you did to her and I'm not surprised she doesnt want to talk to you...are you, honestly?

And if I were you and my gf made out with someone in front of me (presuming that it is an exclusive relationship) then referred to it as "just having fun" or whatever, then I would have told her to go have some fun being single...

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