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just to say before i put some down, that not all of these are my fave, im just goin through public opinon on what i see (as in lyrical abilty, and in creation of music)
>My Chemical Romance (Lyrical, and musical, and live!)
>Green Day (Lyrical, and musical)
>Nirvana (Lyrical, influencing)
>Evanescence (Lyrical, musical, outstanding!)
>Bright Eyes (Lyrical)
>Coldplay (Musical & sometimes lyrical)
>Kaiser Chiefs (Lyrical, kinda musical but downright a good lot of people!)
>Outkast (K their songs are funny!)
>Red Hot Chillie Peppers (lyrical, musical)
>System Of A Down (lyrical and musical: some lyrics are amazing)
>U2 (although i dont like them much, they have great musical talents, lyricalness depends on the song)
>The Used (lyrical, musical, amazing)

Then to comment on other peoples:
John Lennon (Amazing)
Snow Patrol (Lyricaly great musically good)
Simple Plan [who im seein in feb!] (AmAzInG with lyrics!)
James Blunt (I cant stand his voice, but he is a brillaint song writer, as much as it pains me to admit)
Baby Shambles (Pete Doherty would have more talent if he wasnt wasted, but what he has now is good!)
Audioslave (They sound like what they are suppose to be: a superband!)

k now im tired!

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