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Originally Posted by Jail Bird
Something is obviously NOT ok. You are here for everyone at vt. Don't feel like you are just a counselor here. You are also a patient..
(That's sounds corny, but it's true.)
Hun, you need to tell us what is wrong so that we can help you and get you through whatever you are going through! Stay strong. I know you can do it!!

I agree, babe you can go on like this; you say you dont get addicted to stuff easily, you always told me that, but this looks differnt babe. you need to stop, there is no easy way out of cutting, its just STOP now. Im tired of coming home after a day of thinking about you and just hoping that this one day you will just not do it; that you will just be strong and hold it off, cos i know you can babe. Whatever you use, throw it away. Wherever you go (if its in school) don't go there again. I dont want things to get worse hun, stop please, for me, just before its gone too late, please. xx love u xx

and austin im here for ya, hold it off, i know you can x

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