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Originally Posted by moron
Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe says a sovereign Quebec would be spared the fallout of any future cases of mad cow disease in Canada.

Speaking to farmers east of Montreal on Monday, Duceppe said that during the most recent mad cow crisis, Mexico was spared international bans on its beef because it is a separate country from Canada and the United States.

Quebec would have been protected in the same way if the province were independent, he said while campaigning for the Jan. 23 federal election.

Duceppe said Liberal Leader Paul Martin has refused to entertain the creation of trade zone "fire walls."

He added these trade-zone fire walls would have shielded Quebec and other provinces from the fallout of mad cow, or bovine spongiform encephalopathy.
Originally Posted by New Nazi
LONGUEUIL, Que. (CP) - The Bloc Quebecois will target women voters and the elderly to help it boost its total of Quebec seats past the 54 it now holds, a party meeting was told Sunday.

Sounding like a general calling his troops to war, party leader Gilles Duceppe vowed to give the Liberals one of their toughest challenges yet in the campaign for the Jan. 23 election. "There's no question of giving up one single riding to the Liberal Party of Canada," he told the 600 delegates at a Bloc special general council meeting. "That's over. We will fight everywhere, we will not retreat anywhere."

"The Liberals, we'll make them disappear, give yourself a present," he said.

That comment drew a quick and harsh response from Federal Transport Minister Jean Lapierre who wondered if public opinion polls had not "gone to the head" of the Bloc leader.

"That kind of language, where you say you want to make your opponents disappear, there's a little bit of a Nazi tone in that," he said.

At a news conference after his speech, Duceppe acknowledged it was unlikely that his party would take all of Quebec's 75 seats.

"That's in the realm of miracles," he said.

The Liberals under Pierre Trudeau were the closest to achieving that miracle when they won 74 of Quebec's 75 seats in February 1980 during Canada's last winter election campaign.

Duceppe also said he doesn't necessarily want to see a Conservative government led by Stephen Harper.

"We're only talking about Quebec," he said.

The Bloc is concentrating its efforts on target ridings it came close to winning in the 2004 election and it has budgeted an additional $50,000 to get the support of women voters and the elderly, who tend to vote in fewer numbers.

Also attending the meeting was Parti Quebecois Leader Andre Boisclair, who told the gathering that Liberal Premier Jean Charest - who polls suggest is deeply unpopular - is "becoming the best ally of the sovereigntists."

Michel Gauthier, the Bloc MP who is organizing the party's electoral efforts, confirmed the party's priority will be to get the vote out and improve on its take of the popular vote from 2004.

"We'll work hard enough to go past the current percentages," he said.

Recent polls indicate the party has between 50 per cent and 58 per cent popular support. It received 48.9 per cent of the votes in the 2004 election.

Gauthier told the party faithful they couldn't "take any chances" this time.

The meeting also adopted the Bloc's electoral program, which was released to journalists last Thursday.
If Quebec DARE try to leave
I want it on record
I give america
and any country really
permission to invade

I hope that fucking bastard
and his entire fucking party die a slow and painful death
fucking traitors!!

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