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I eat what i eat, although i LOVE the new one .. let me get an image up of it. . .

As you see, no diet is complete without exersize (which is the man on the left) I personally do not live by the food pryamid, i live by the amount of calories i get. I take a multivitamin (now) to get 100% in every vitamin/mineral (which adds more then 100 percent at the end of the day) meaning that even if i do only have 500 calories a day, my body is getting what i need.

The main thing this pryamid is trying to show is exersize, which the old one does not. This ALSO gives an example as: if you only eat half of one thing, you need to eat half of everything else. If you cut the pryamid in half vertically, you need to do that to ALL layers including exersize fats veges ect to keep everything balanced . . and zen :-p
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