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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

HOBOCAMP- i kno where u talkin from, am 14, am uncut, and havin a forskin can b tricky when it keeps gettin stuck
av not really experienced this, but i kno a friend who has, wat he did was go 2 the doctor and got it cut, now hes oki with no pain, other than that al give u all the info i kno,

u could stretch the foreskin bac and forwards in like ur 'wankin' (mastrabating)
or just have protected sex?

sowwy, thats all i really kno, but i hope wat ever info i gave u would com in help,

o by the way, how old r u, if u quite young and just started puberty, it could just b that, or just stickin with the pain till the time when ur at the end of puberty, it might just go oki. :S

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