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Default Weird Experience That Night

Well when i was at a friends party i went with my GirlFriend(Sarah), When we got there we basically got drunk etc. Then Like I was in a Room with my friends then i left and sat beside her, so i said lets go talk on the trampoline as soon as we got out there I like You Know JUst started making out with her, she didnt mind, After that we laid on the Trampoline, she said im going inside for a while, i said ok and stayed on the trampoline, Then My friend(Matt) came Rushing out and said sarah was kidding Jamie, So i quickly got up and went around the corner and saw them makin out, I walked straight up and Punched Jamie in the Back of the head, He was On The Ground for a little bit then ya know he kinda just crawled away abit, I Said to Sarah"What were u kissing that c*nt for", and She said Im sorry i was just having fun, Then I pushed into the wall and through her the ground, she started to cry, I shoved her up and said were going(Yelling), THen I dragged Her To Her House, About 2/5's way there she said i am sorry, then it ended up with her and me kissing against the fence, so we walked bak to the party, THen jamie came up to me and said "She loves me u know" I said" What Cunt" He repeated then I Said "How do u no that" And he said that she told her, then i walked away and found her, i told her wanted to talk to her, I took her around to the side of the house, and told her what jamie said, and she "just shut up about that ok" And I Hit Her , And Then That Night wen we were all sleeping In My Mates(The 1 have theparty, Linkens Room, It was a Tight squeeze, But we fit in there, Sarah was Sleeping with a Pillow and a Blanket on the Trampoline, I Crept out of the room and Went out side, I was approaching the tramp and she Shuttered, I said dont worry its Me, And She said thats wh y im scared, I said I was sorry and She just said "Its to late for that Now", So I guess My Dreams About Hitting A Girl Came true, I Posted my dreams As Unpleasent Dreams in relationships i guess, But it wasnt her I hit,

But Anyways, Im Stumped, The Next day she ignored me, So Now I dont know if wer still together, I guess not
, And Thats the Weirdest Experience ever, Ill Keep U Posted about whats going on between us

Sorry If u cant make any sence out of what i wrote I'll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon
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