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Originally Posted by Hobocamp View Post
I just turned 14 and I am about 5" 2'. I am like 3.5 inches long. I don't have any hair on my body except for on my toes. My voice hasn't changed. Anyway, when I masturbate I can reach an orgasm But I can't ejaculate. Is that becuase I am not physically mature?
I totally agree with the post above, and your issue is a simple case of being a late bloomer. To be honest, I would have much rather been like you and started puberty later than start it early. What I mean is that folks who start puberty at 11/12 many times are still children suddenly getting adult abilities and bodies which can be really scary at the time. At least in your case you are old enough to know what to expect and know what to do when the changes happen.

As for hair, trust me, body hair is a pain, and be thankful that you don't have a lot. You don't need to have a lot of hair to be masculine, and the hairless look really seems to be in fashion nowadays as you simply have to go to the threads below with guys who post questions about how to remove body hair.

Finally, your size is not bad for your age, and assuming you are in eighth grade or a freshman in high school you are fundamentally not all that much smaller than your counterparts. The fact that you are getting some hair on your feet makes me think your changes are probably going to happen over the summer and into freshmen/sophomore year, and you will definitely be much bigger within a year from now.
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