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Originally Posted by crjt View Post
Where could you even get a condom to masturbate?
Assuming that you are from these United States the best place you can get a condom is from a major discounter like a Target or a K-Mart. The condoms are usually found in the health/beauty area by the feminine hygiene things. Generally speaking, you can find the condoms and lube in the same aisle as tampons and pads or very nearby. You can always use the self checkout lanes to buy condoms, or just buy a bunch of stuff alongside the condoms.

You can also buy condoms online directly from the condom manufacturers such as Trojan and Durex, and many drugstores have online ordering capabilities such as Walgreens where you can buy condoms online. However, before buying anything online just make sure that you are allowed to buy things online in general from your parents.

Just as a word of caution, if you buy a condom, then make sure you have a plan on how to dispose of it. Also, be prepared with an explanation if your parents find your condom. Never flush a condom down the toilet as it will clog up your plumbing.

Finally, if you know for a fact that your parents would have a serious problem with your having condoms, then don't buy them in the first place to avoid problems.

Originally Posted by Jonathan M. View Post
i cant help u ther wen i worked up the courage to buy 1 at a gas station he said no which is illeagel!
If you are from Texas, then my understanding is that your part of the country is pretty conservative. My guess is that the gas station attendant probably was making the decision for you as to whether or not you should have sex. I would not be scared off on condoms just because you were turned down, and in the future you can always buy them from the places listed above. It is always better to be protected and safe than to not have a condom.
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