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Originally Posted by 2pac View Post
since some wanna know why christianism is racists , i'll explain . Those who enslaved ppl in africa , america (natives) were christians and were acting by orders of popes , priests or whatever they call themselves . and in racist i included the hate they have against homosexuals
Erm, I hate to burst your bubble, but in early America, a lot of people had slaves. Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, most rich people, and most important people had many slaves. It was common to be racist then, due to popular media, lack of knowledge, and money; so do not blame it on Christians. Also, by no means was slavery due to religion. It was purely for money; free-cheap labor makes a pure-profit economy. Not because religious leaders told everyone to get slaves.

Finally, homosexuality is an arising issue, which has not had enough time to be accepted as an OK thing. It will eventually though.

Not saying any of it is right, but to blame it solely on religion and Christians is just plain wrong. Which is coming from an Atheist.
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