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Originally Posted by whatsername
Well.. partly I get depressed when I get broke up with but I don't think every guy is the one. I mean, honestly, no one falls in love at 14 or 15..
I don't know. Some do though.
Just straight up tell him that she is not the one and that he will find the right one when he is a little older. Now, it is just lust. Later, it will be true love.
I mean, is that what he is looking for anyways?
I have! We have! All my close friends and I always tell him. He never says anything... But seriously, every girl he meets he always finds things they have in common.. Then you have to listen to why they're perfect for each other. "You know, me and [insert girl name here] have a lot in common; [insert the most basic things here]..." He just looked for the most basic things and runs with that as if they have the same interests and everything. I always say "I hate to say I told you so..." whenever he breaks up.. Yet. A week later.... "You know, me and [insert new girl name here] have a lot in common; [insert basic things here]"...

He's insane....

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