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Default Thinks she's the one....

My best friend. Known him all my life, we go back since we were in diapers. I've never had many problems with him, other than, he's in love with falling in love. I swear to god. I've never seen anything like it. Right when a girl says signifies she likes him he'll be crazy about her. For an example, he got this new girlfriend who's 12. She's gonna be 13 in may. My friend's gonna be 15 in a month, so it's like a 3year diff. So yeah..... Now he's all upset because when he's 18 it'll be illegal for them to be together.

And it sucks, whenever he breaks up with a girl he gets all depressed even if he just met them. Christ, he met this new girl about 2 weeks ago and they had their first date yesterday.. And he's planning ahead, and I know he's gonna get all depressed and not want to go outside for weeks when they break up because he's so naive! Every fucking girl he met since he was about 13 was "the one".......

Anyone have an idea of how to get him to snap out of it? I mean, it's just getting annoying now and I literally have no more remorse left for the guy.... So yeah, if the same things happened to you or a friend of yours what'd you do to get 'em to snap out of it?


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