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Originally Posted by forzaitaliano View Post
Most boys don't tell a friend directly that they want to masturbate with them. Usually they compare sizes or "play" truth-or-dare. I would believe that most friends would know what the objective of the activity is, and it would probably be over quickly and easily. Besides, nowadays, truth-or-dare is almost synonymous with asking someone to masturbate; what I mean is that instead, friends will say do you want to play truth-or-dare instead of directly stating they want to masturbate. But I have never masturbated with anyone else and I don't plan on it, but I would really enjoy it likely.
same here but my friend thinks almost everything about a penis is gay (i think he's insecure bout his size or somthin <shrugs>) oh well i dont really plan on masterbating with other ppl anyways well exept my gf wen im older

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