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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

Originally Posted by laxgoalie182 View Post
i have always liked girls since as long as i can remember. im in 7th grade right now and this is the year i have found myself very attracted to other boys. i have masturbated to gay porn and i love it. i also like girls too but i really think i would rather have a boyfriend right now <3 a few of my friends know im bi and others do too...but no boys r bi or gay that i no of =[[[ i really wanna make out with a guy ... and my parents dont know. does anyone have a suggestion on how to tell them ='( i dont want to tell them tho. so i gradually learned i was bi and my attraction for guys kept getting stronger. i dont like anyone at my school really but i want a boyfriend
Other than the first two or three sentances, im basicall the same way....
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