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Default Re: Your First French Kiss & Kissing Discussion

Originally Posted by lesher View Post
Dude, I envy you. I'm almost 18 and never kissed a girl. Or even had a girlfriend yet
DONT envy me!!! Since I last saw her (Last Year) I have not had another kiss! It was just such a tease! I never had a girl really like me. Ever. So when She came along, I was just so happy! My first kiss, just so much passion, and she left me about a week later. I still remember everything about her, but I'm still to scared to talk to her.
I never really felt that way about anybody else, and now I've been kept from Her for over a year, with no one else. It's just getting so hard... I ocassionally pass her in the halls of my school; I've kept my feelings bottled up for her for so long, but I just want to tell her I love her! What had made those kisses so special was that I had really, really liked her and now i'm left with nothing...

Those moments under the playground were just paradise, and being taken away from that makes me feel like a fish out of water, dying slowly...

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends
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