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Talking Re: GUYS - Where is your favorite place to jack off?

Originally Posted by BirdsandtheBees View Post
Age - 13
Str8/Gay/Bi/Curious - Straight
Where is your favorite place to jack off? mmm..depends I like
- Why here? if im in my room i know no one will bother me, computer because of porn
-Have you ever been caught? walked in on by friend once
--If yes, by who? What happened he laughed it off and just walked out,we were having a sleepover and he went to go shower and i joked and said "dont jack off in my shower" and he went out but then came back because he forgot his clothes.
Where is somewhere that you would like to jack off that you haven't before? ive always wanted to outside, especially in my pool, but im never left a lone long enough to try
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