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Originally Posted by johnny_zero007 View Post
How many people here are circumsized?
how many on average are circumsized?
do girls prefer you to be circumsized or uncircumsized
does it hurt to have sex when your uncircumsized?

cuz i am and these are my main concerns about it
I'm uncut

It varies in different parts of the world. Generally US guys, Jewish guys, and guys from some african communities are cut, whereas the rest of the world cant understand why anyone would do this.

Cant answer for the girls, again local culture may affect attitudes, probably most dont really care.

Does it hurt, no of course not, it is after all the natural state of affairs to be uncut. Many people think it feels better because the head of the penis is more sensitive if its usually covered by the foreskin. Very few people have actually experienced it from both sides (being cut & uncut) so most people are talking out of prejudice & not from experience.

Originally Posted by Julio caesar shavez the 4 View Post
if u are uncircumsized u get this white stuff called smegma if u dont clean under neth it
Either you have good personal hygene or you dont. You can be clean or dirty whether you're cut or not. I find it extremely offensive when people try to suggest that all uncut guys are somehow less clean.

Originally Posted by AC.wAkeBoArDin.06 View Post
ok a uncicumzied penis looks like a long shaft then like an elephant trunk and u cant see the head., a curcumsized looks like a long shaft and then just the head.
Thats about the least helpfull description imaginable. An elephant trunk?? Are you boasting or something??

You can see the difference a lot more in flacid (unerect) penises. An uncut penis will have the head of the penis mainly covered in a kind of flap of skin, with just the tip and the piss-hole (sorry to be so graphic) peeping out, whereas the circumcised penis doesnt have this layer of skin so the whole of the head is visible. When an uncut guy gets errect the extra skin (the foreskin) generally rolls back uncovering the head so its harder to tell the difference.
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