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Originally Posted by 2pac View Post
First off , christians , nothing realy proves the existance of a god
Muslims....well its kinda related to christianism the one that makes the most sense cause it has proofs
and i think christianism is racist and not open to other ideas , such as homosexuality
Racist? No way. The first Apostles went to OTHER races to bring them the gospel. Philip went straight to the dreaded Samaritans who were hated by all the jews after they were broken up in Jerusalem.

I have 4 (maybe more coming) adopted African and 3 adopted Russian cousins. The Russians are too young to know too much about religion but all four Africans are Christians. My relatives adopted them because they wanted to give them a family and a home, and to bring Christ into their lives. We treat them the same and act the same around them.

That sound racist to you?

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