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Evolution should be taught in schools simply because it is a feasable scientific topic to learn about. However, religion should not be taught in public schools because by the constitution religion should be seperated from state, even state established (public) schools. Personally, i feel that intelligent design was involved inthe making of the universe becuase the universe is too complex and detailed to indicate that some random path of evolution could create everything in the universe. And what about before the "big bang"? Who or what was there before that and what was before even that era? There simply is no possible definitive time that the universe came to be because we can simply not grasp the exapanse of time that extends into the past. The question of when the beginning of anything was is simply too baffling to be understood by any human, so we shouldn't be teaching it in schools and instilling religion as more probable than science becuase it is the student's job to decide their beleif through deep thought, not the school's.

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