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Bri. It's been soo long since I've seen you on, and I've missed you soo much! I really want to talk to you through IM sometime, so I'll try to get on more for ya! ok? But I don't have AIM anymore, so I'll download it sometime soon...

I know that you can get through this. What you're feeling must really be hard, but I'll stay with you on this through everything! You have so much to live for already - your family, your friends, VT, the future, and most of all, yourself! And you have so much passion for your friends that you stopped attempting suicide - so your friends have that same passion for you. I remember you once had a quote in your AIM info saying "Even though you might just be one person in this world, you might mean the whole world to just one person." I love this quote, and I'm betting you do too, so please, always remember it. And you still always have your life to live for - Anything can happen in your life, but you won't get that chance if you don't continue living it.

Oh, and check your PM's!

We all love you here, so cheer up!
I'll talk to ya later!


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Happiness is not about being perfect.
It is about seeing beyond the imperfections.
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