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Originally Posted by INFERNO View Post
Nothing proves nor disproves God's existence.
Thats one thing which im sure we all can agree on... we'll never actually be able to prove anything about the nature of God.

Originally Posted by 2pac View Post
First off , christians , nothing realy proves the existance of a god
Muslims....well its kinda related to christianism the one that makes the most sense cause it has proofs
and i think christianism is racist and not open to other ideas , such as homosexuality
First off, it's Christianity, not christianism. Secondly, it's too big to say that it's ALL narrow minded, it's made up of a lot of seperate denominations which all believe slightly different things. For instance, Catholics (in theory, NOT in practice) do not agree with homosexual acts, however, the Church of England have Gay priests and Bishops. They are both christian denominations.


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