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Default Re: Self Harm Calendar

Here's a tip for all you guys that unluckily caved. If you think yourself as pathetic and useless, then your not gonna be able to stop cutting any time soon. When you guys realise that you are what you are. And therefore not worthless. You will start to realise otherwise, ALl of you who keep saying that you are pathetic i have to say that if thats how you view yourself, then you will keep cutting. Start to see yourself as beautiful, try and visualise your arms how they were meant to be. CLEAN. and if you keep thinking about it, and stop thinking "I dont want to cut" start thinking "I want to stop" then that is what will happen. Thoughts become things if you do it right. So all you people who say pathetic, try saying... "Ops its a slip up, but i'm still thinking positive " And therefore you will start to think more positively and will feel better without anything. THis is how i overcame my addiction, and you could at least try it.
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