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Originally Posted by AtlantaWonder
Originally Posted by Twitcherz
I am sorry to hear about your Dad, but those people who use Cannabis responsibly are fine.
I am for legalisation.
i dont need RESEARCH to prove that marijuana killed my father . . and if keeping it illegal saves other people's lives, why shouldnt we? if it will save one persons life in the next infinite amount of years, it is worth us not smoking marijuana . . if you say yes, consider that it might be YOU. IS it worth letting the whole world get high?
i am very sorry about your father and please dont think i am being insensitive about it or anything but i dont think that would solve the problem. alcohol kills, cigarettes kill, eating too much fatty foods kill. many things in this world kills and we are using them everyday of our lives without a second thought, and it is unfortuante when it does happen, however making something illegal cant put a stop to it. if we are to move people away from drugs etc. it needs to be through education. smoking is now becoming a very unsociable and disguisting act by educating our youth. we see pictures of the damage it does and effects it can have, and i believe that is the way to prevent deaths.

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