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Originally Posted by jerry View Post
Oh no. that would be the last thing I need, is for when I finally lose my virginity to somehow screw up and get her pregnant. I'm just hopeing when the time comes for me to have a kid that I actually CAN have a kid. before when I asked about not being able to ejaculate*, I was worried I might not be able to have kids.

*When I posted the question on weather or not being almost 16 and not being able to ejaculate was a problem, that night it finally happened...
You definitely sound like a late bloomer, and you guys are known to be kind of slow when it comes to producing thick semen. Especially if you have only been producing semen for a short while, then the reality is that you will catch up really fast within a year. I seriously doubt you will have trouble having kids especially if you are ejaculating. The reality is ejaculating is pretty hit or miss the first year one does it until things get pretty consistent once the body can meet the demands.

That is funny how you were concerned about not ejaculating, posted a thread about it, and to ejaculate that night! I hope your first ejaculation went by all right, but to me I would rather be older like you and ejaculate because you are at an age where you understand what is going on rather than being 11/12 and an ejaculation happen when one is still like a little kid.
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