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Default Re: Why don't people like me?

Originally Posted by TheWizard
Is it thast everyone hates me?
Josh hun I don't hate you, I admit I was mad at you for the first time ever befor but I'm not now your a great guy hun
Originally Posted by TheWizard
Is it because I'm schizo?
No I wasent mad at you for that at all
and anybody that gets mad at you because your a schizo isnt worth your time
Originally Posted by TheWizard
Is it because I haven't experienced anything normal teens do?
Neither have I hun
Thats not your fault
shit happens
Everyones diffrent

Originally Posted by TheWizard

Is it because I hate myself.
Hun you shouldn't hate yourself
Nobody's perfect, thats what makes life interesting, its what makes us unique
Your a great guy
You have helped thousands of people
Everybody hates something about themselfs
"If only I was faster
If my hair was black
If it was blonde
If I could spell
If I could do math
If I could only draw"
Everybody wishes they were better at stuff or looked diffrent
Its what gives us the drive to change, adapt, learn and grow
As with many things though...its not free, its a double edged sword
It leads to self dou't, self hatred, leading to depression, SI, Anorexia, Bullimia, Body Dismorphic Disorder, etc..

Josh what i'm trying to say is
You have to be one of the most caring teens i have ever met
Don't EVER think diffrent

Originally Posted by TheWizard
I just want to die.
Well I don't want you to
Many people love and care about you
You have much potential Josh....If only you could see it
I can see you doing great things Josh

Suicide is an escape
Its the easy way out
I know as well as you do
We've both tried
It lets you leave everything behind

Josh......There comes a time in every mans life when he must decide between doing what is right and what is easy
Nobody can make that decision for you
Only teach you and pray that you'll follow your heart

Don't die on me hun


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