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Originally Posted by jerry View Post
If it gets thinner, is it still seminal fluid with no sperm? the first time, it was thick but every day since then it has gotten thinner (not much color difference, though).
Now that you mention it you raise a good point. My first time was really thick, but subsequent times were thinner. From my experience when one does not masturbate in a while or if one is really, really aroused, then one's semen can get pretty thick. My guess is that if thick semen is truly important to you, then masturbate as few times as you can so that you can get a maximum amount of arousal from your masturbation session.

Personally, as long as the orgasm is good, then it really should not matter how much semen one is ejaculating or whether it is white or clear. Unless one is hoping to conceive a child at this point one's semen consistency really should not matter.
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