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Default Re: I think I have ADD

[quote="crushed_47"]I think i have ADD.. i'm like positive.. but my parents don't believe me.. because like I get good grades.. is it possible to have ADD and still get good grades? they also don't believe me cus like my brother has it and i'm not like him.

But i really think i have it. In class.. i don't concentrate.. i cannot for the life of me. The thing is i just take the notes that the teacher writes on the board. I daydream constantly. I even read that a symptom was a messy room. No matter how hard i try to keep mine clean.. i can't. And also.. i can't focus. Ill seriously be in the middle of something and just stop what im doing, get up, and walk away. Even when i'm on the computer talking to people on AIM, ill just like get up and walk away and come back and hour later and the people that i was talking to were like "HELLO?? YOU THERE??" i really think i have it. its not that i want to have it or anything.. i just want to get help if i do you know?

do you think i have it? I think you do, this is some one who has ADHD, I also have a messy room, I have tried and tried, but I always fail to get it cleaned up.
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