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i feel that is should be both legalised and kept as it is:

for keeping it as it is: it might take people out of reality. it will mean that possibly peoples intelligence will go down ect, and then there would be a new serious problem with those who have depression-like illnesses (like alchoholism), thats just that, but thats always going to be a problem, even with choclate!

for it, well it means that people wil be more relaxed, laid back, but then again this at risk of being in reality. there is just alot of things that have been said before in similar threads that i would be repeting

i wouldnt really care if it was; its just smoking anything in general will have a bad effect on me, cos of my shitty lungs!

ciggs are just killer thats all. usless sticks of saten!! weed isnt that bad, people wil be smoking it less cos it isnt as addictive as ciggs but still it has health risks (both mental and physical). dont be suprised if there wil be more schizo-related illnesses in countried like holland in like 20 years tho!

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